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In 2016 the partnership circle of three Nordic and two Russian NGOs shared the intention of renewing Russian and Nordic NGOs networks and collaboration in the Northwest of the Russian Federation and the Nordic countries. The partnership united Danish Institute for Civil Society “Interfolk”; Finland-Russia Society; Husavik Academic Centre (Iceland), Arkhangelsk Centre of social technologies “Garant” and Pskov Centre for Sustainable Development (Northwest of Russia).

Since 2014 collaboration between NGOs in the north-west of Russia and Nordic countries has been gradually. A lack of collaboration between Nordic and Russian NGOs, and a need for promoting the cross-border cooperation and preparing joint projects between NGOs and their local partners led to development of the project “Nordic and Russian NGOs building bridges” (implemented in the period: May 2017- October 2018).

In the framework of the project “Nordic and Russian NGOs building bridges” the international team organized events in 4 countries (including 2 Russian regions: Pskov and Arkhangelsk) to give Russian and Nordic NGOs to meet.

However, one of the main activities of the project was creation of the website www.ngobridges.com containing the database of NGOs eager to cooperate. The purpose of the website is to give opportunities to NGOs to find “matches” to develop joint projects; to exchange experience; to present best practices of work. NGOs are welcome to leave information about themselves in the database, publish any information fitting the website’s concept.


The administer of the website is Arkhangelsk Centre of social technologies “Garant”.

Contact: garant@ngo-garant.ruburieva@ngo-garant.ru (Tatiana Burieva).


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