Workshop in Copenhagen

November 28 2017
Copenhagen, Denmark

On the 28 of November 2017 Danish NGOs searching for cooperation with Russia and Nordic countries are invited to take part in the workshop. The workshop is aimed at presentation of the project “Russian and Nordic NGOs building bridges” (BRIDGES), existing opportunities for NGOs international cooperation and creation of the online NGOs platform and database

The workshop starts at 10.00 in Vartov, Store Sal (Farvergade 27 H, 1. sal, 1463 Copenhagen K).

The organizer of the event is Interforlk, Danish Institute for Civil Society. The workshop will be attended by leaders of the NGOs from Iceland, Finland and Russia as well as representatives of Nordic council of ministers, the institution providing financial support to the project “BRIDGES”.

The program of the workshop also includes discussion of interests of NGOs in Nordic countries and Russia; lessons to be learnt from existing partnerships and perspectives of the cooperation.

The program of the workshop is here.

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