Workshop in Helsinki

June 14 2017
Helsinki, Finland

The first workshop of the Bridges project was held in Helsinki on the 14th of June, 2017. A group of approximately 15 Finnish NGO representatives from the capital region participated in the workshop, and there were also 5 people who followed the presentations over the net in other region of the country. Some NGOs not able to participate in the event also signed up for the email list to get information about Nordic – Baltic cooperation and the Bridges project.

Some of the workshop participants had experience in project work with Russian NGOs but others were newcomers. They all shared an interest in exchanging experiences and finding common project ideas with NGOs from North-West Russia. 

Finnish coordinator of the Bridges project Päivi Kärnä reported that a few years ago there were many more projects between Finnish and Russian NGOs but lack of bilateral funding has been one reason why the number has gone down.                                                    

Participants found Marina Mihailova’s (Garant) presentation about the NGO community in the North-West Russia very interesting and eye opening. They also welcomed the opportunity to get help in finding partners from other Nordic countries.

At the end of the workshop, there was a lively discussion about the challenges in cooperation with Russia, and participant shared their experiences from previous projects.   

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