The Nordic Council of Ministers New is announcing a new round of grant applications

December 31, 2017 — February 16, 2018
The Baltic Sea Region and with North-West Russia., Russia

The Nordic Council of Ministers is opening applications for three Nordic cooperation programmes in the Baltic Sea Region and with North-West Russia. The application period runs from 31 December 2017 to 16 February 2018.

 The programmes provide funding for Nordic-Russian co-operation and networking projects. The overall objective of these programmes emphasizes on:

·         Launching new initiatives,

·         Building capacity and establishing/strengthening networks,

·         Ensuring exchange of experiences and best practices,

·         Having a fair chance to be sustained also when funding from NCM has ended.

 NGO programme for the Baltic Sea Region
General objective: Promotion of co-operation between Nordic, Baltic, Polish, Belarusian and Russian NGOs to underline the key role that NGOs play.

Grant size per project: max. 500.000 DKK.

Geographical and partnership criteria: One Nordic partner (DK, FI, IS, NO, SE), One Baltic-Polish partner (EE, LV, LT, PL), One Russian-Belarusian partner (RU, BY).

Partners: Only NGOs. Involvement of other actors is encouraged when feasible, but the costs of such cannot be covered by the grant.

Focus: Social and health, culture, environment and climate.

More information about the program


Nordic-Russian Co-operation programs: General Open Call and Nordic-Russian Co-operation Envelope for Civil Society
Both programmes’ general objective: The overall objectives are to contribute to the stability, security and development of the region and to continue to engage Russia as an active partner in regional co-operation in the Baltic Sea and Barents Sea areas.

Grant size per project: max 500.000 DKK.

Geographical and partnership criteria: Two Nordic partners from different countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden; one Northwest Russian partner: St. Petersburg City, Kaliningrad Oblast, Pskov Oblast, Leningrad Oblast, Karelian Republic, Archangelsk Oblast, Murmansk Oblast; lead Partner (applicant) as a rule should be from a Nordic country.

Partners: All categories of partners except private commercial companies and all combinations of categories.

Focus of General Open Call: All projects of mutual Nordic and Russian interest, anchored in co-operation and networking.

Focus of Nordic-Russian Co-operation Envelope for Civil Society: Strengthening civil society within all relevant fields of society

 More information about the programs

Photographer Jens Nytoft Rasmussen

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