Workshop in Iceland

October 12 2017
Iceland, Iceland

On the 12th of October 2017 Husavik Academic Center organized a workshop in in Egilsstaðir.  Gréta Bergrún Jóhannesdóttir made a presentation of the project “Russian and Nordic NGOs building bridges”. The workshop was held as a part of a yearly meeting for smaller rural research centers in Iceland. They all have it in common to have been working on different international projects in cooperation with both Nordic nations as well as other countries. Therefore, this group was really open to the idea of Bridges and good discussion took place, as to how the database could be profitable for NGO’s in Iceland. Everyone was open to the idea of registering into the database and that is something that HAC will work on as a further process. All the participants were given a copy of the projects brochure with information and they can contact HAC if there will be more questions.

 Main discussion points/feedback

·         Interesting to work with Russian NGO´s and many opportunities for different kind of rural researching projects

·         Common field could be in Arctic related researching

·         Foreign agency laws were discussed and a bit confusing or difficult to imagine how this affects possible cooperation’s in projects

·         The database was thought to be interesting and useful

·         The webpage – although not completely finished – was considered quite good and easy to work with.

·         All the NGO´s showed interest in registering into the database, but have to consult with their coworkers before that is finalized.

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