Nordic and Russian NGOs were building bridges in Arkhangelsk

May 30-31 2018
Arkhangelsk, Russia

The conference was not being organized as a regular conference. The main purpose of two days was to build connections and foster conversations between participants towards a collective and linked up framework for NGOs’ cooperation development. NGOs had a chance to get acquainted with each other, discuss mutual interests for collaboration and project ideas.

The conference brought together NGOs from Russia (Arkhangelsk and Pskov regions) and Nordic countries (Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Norway). More than 40 ideas for joint projects were “born” by the participants. The participants also discussed risks and barriers for development and implementation of joint projects between Nordics Europe and Russia.

 The funding opportunities for NGOs joint project were presented by several experts:

  • Oportunities of funding Russian-Norwegian projects within grant program of Norwegian Barents Secretariat by Andrey Shalyov, head of the Norwegian Barents Secretariat office in Russia, Norway’s Honorary Consul to Arkhangelsk
  • Kolarctic programme: possibilities for NGOs to participate, by Olga Klisheva, coordinator of the program in Arkhangelsk
  • Role of NGOs in international cooperation: problems and perspectives, by Ivan Ksenofontov, director of Public Relations at Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund of Russia


The conference was a brainchild of the partner circle of 5 organizations:

  • Arkhangelsk Centre of social technologies “Garant” (Russia),
  • Interfolk, Institute for Civil Society (Denmark),
  • Husavik Academic Centre (Iceland),
  • Society "Finland–Russia",
  • Centre for Sustainable Development of Pskov Region (Russia).

It is worth mentioning that the similar NGOs’ conference was organized last time in Arkhangelsk in 2004. It was Russian-Finnish NGOs forum that led to new NGOs partnerships and a number of joint projects. The organizers of the conference “Nordic and Russian NGOs building bridges” emphasize that it is important to conduct such NGOs’ meetings on a regular basis to keep links among countries and provide a regular exchange of experience.

The conference was organized within the project “Nordic and Russian NGOs building bridges” supported by Nordic council of ministers.

From now on the project partners from 4 countries are ready to render consultations and all necessary support to further development of joint project applications.

Contact: Tatiana Burieva,, +7 8182 206510

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