NGOs in Pskov should render high-quality social services

February 27, 2020
Pskov, Russia

27 February 2020 the international project “Nordic and Russian NGOs rendering high-quality social services” was presented in Pskov.

The representatives of NGOs of Pskov region got acquainted with Finnish and Norwegian experience of rendering services to people with disabilities in the North-West of Russia, as well as in Finland and Norway. Semyon Nikonov, Chairman of Centre for sustainable development of the Pskov region, also shared his personal impressions of visiting Finnish NGO within the study trip to Oulu. 

NGOs in the Northern Europe have already accumulated a lot of experience of rendering social services to the population through state funding and developing innovative practices for working with socially vulnerable groups.

Russian NGOs also have got interesting innovative practices of providing assistance to socially vulnerable groups of the population. However, Russian organizations do not have experience in providing services on a regular and system basis (cost calculation, quality assessment, etc.). It is important to increase the competence of Russian NGOs in providing social services and strengthen the social partnership of NGOs with stakeholders.

«Today we can already say that the state has begun to consider the Third sector as a sector of the economy», said Semyon Nikonov. The Ministry of Finance already allocates funds to us for the provision of services, but in response, new requirements are imposed including the quality of provided services, reporting, stricter requirements for monitoring labor relations. The governmental goal is to open their own resource centers in municipalities on the basis of NGOs which have already become providers of social services and recipients of the state budget funding.

The difference between our practices and the experience of our foreign colleagues becomes less noticeable and the dynamics of reducing this gap feeds optimism. The pilot programs for providing social services are already being launched, including Pskov region.

Contacts: Semyon Nikonov, Chairman of the Center for sustainable development of the Pskov region,

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