Successful experience of social services discussed in Arkhangelsk

April 17, 2020
Arkhangelsk, Russia

On the 17th of March 2020 the round table “NGOs as social services’ providers – how to survive on the market? Successful practices of rendering social services” was organized in Arkhangelsk.  The participants discussed barriers, which social NGOs face when rendering services to citizens.

The round table was attended by representatives of 15 NGOs from Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk, Kotlas and Velsk.

The leader of regional NGO for support of persons with disabilities “Nadezhda”, Nadezhda Churakova informed how the organization trains the clients to use PC, implements different recreation activities and consults families with disabled children.

The chief accountant of Arkhangelsk NGO “All-Russian society of deaf people” Matina Maltceva focused on progress and problems of the organization when rendering social services.

She said: “as the result of registration in the official list of social services’ providers our organization has got an additional resource for our activities aimed at protecting the rights and interests of persons with impaired hearing. The number of leisure and other activities for participants of local departments has increased.

The main problem is low and economically non justified rates of compensation for social services in Arkhangelsk region. In fact, the rate is underestimated minimum 5 times”.

Elena Benusova, the member of autonomous non-profit organization “Doverie” (Severodvinsk) led the discussion about importance of branding and promotion in social media for NGOs. Elena Shinkareva, the round table moderator, commented that due to that NGOd become on equal terms with businesses and can compete successfully with companies”.

The participants of the round table indicated what is necessary to do for improving the situation on the market of social services:

-            NGOs -providers of social services should be invited to participate in the working group of Ministry of labor, employment and social development of Arkhangelsk region to recommend changes and improvements on the basis of their experience and practice;

-            The Ministry of labor, employment and social development of Arkhangelsk region needs to revise the rates of compensation to NGOs for rendering social services according to the market prices;

The round table was organized by Arkhangelsk regional Union of NGOs of disabled persons of and Arkhangelsk Center of social technologies “Garant” in the framework of the project “Nordic and Russian NGOs render high-quality services”.

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