Webinar: Oulu Crisis Centre – first aid in difficult life situations

October 27, 2020
Arkhangelsk, Finland

On October 27, 2020, at 15 p.m. (Moscow time)/at 13.00 p.m. (Central European Time) the Executive Director of Oulu Crisis Centre Nina Kontula will tell about her organisation’s work. The Crisis Centres focus on prevention of mental health problems and are operated by the local branches of NGO “MIELI” (Mental Health Finland) in several cities in Finland.

In order to participate in the webinar please register at: https://forms.gle/8bnFqsHmyMpCWpWQ6

MIELI is a Finnish non-governmental organization and a federation of over 50 local mental health associations making part of it, hosting approximately 4 000 individual members. Founded in 1897, for more than a century MIELI Mental Health Finland has worked in mental health as an innovator and inspirer. MIELI Mental Health Finland provides crisis assistance and support in order to prevent mental health problems and suicides.

Oulu Crisis Centre offers short term councelling and guidance in crisis situations for anyone living or staying in Finland. Person in need for help does not need a referral to book an appointment, only experience of crisis is enough. Common reasons for client to seek help from Oulu Crisis Centre are:

·      difficult situation in life;

·      relationship and family problems;

·      sudden losses;

·      accidents, violence

The mission of MIELI Mental Health Finland, MIELI, is to support and promote good mental health, considered essential at all levels of society and in all spheres of life. As a non-governmental organisation MIELI stimulates the interaction between individuals and communities, while activating people to work for the welfare of their own communities.

Voluntary support personnel offer support or help in coping with different life situations. They work as Crisis Helpline Councellors, Personal Supporters or Leaders of Group Activities.

Attention! The webinar will be in Finnish language with simultaneous translation into Russian.

In order to participate in the webinar please register at: https://forms.gle/8bnFqsHmyMpCWpWQ6

Please note that the necessary information will be sent to the e-mail address that you specified during registration.

The webinar is held within the international LIVE conference “Sustainable development: people, support, cooperation”. The conference is held in September-October 2020 and gives an opportunity to meet remarkable representatives of NGOs from Russia, Finland, Norway and Denmark, to get acquainted with the best practices of NGO social services.

Conference organizers are Arkhangelsk Centre of social technologies “Garant”, “Finland-Russia” Society (Helsinki, Oulu), Charity organization “The Childhood by the Dvina” (Sandnes, Norway), Centre of Sustainable Development of Pskov Region, Women Initiative Centre (Tosno, Leningrad Region).

Contact: (8182) 20-65-10, garant@ngo-garant.ru, Arkhangelsk Centre of social technologies “Garant”.

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