Webinar: How mobile apps help children with special needs. The story of “MillaSays” App

December 4, 2020
Arkhangelsk, Russia

How can mobile apps help children with disabilities develop communication skills? Who develops such apps and how? You can find out on 4th December, 2020 at online-meeting with Alexander Helmersberg and Hilde-Sophie Mordt. The specialists from Norway will tell about “MillaSays” App that was developed for children with special needs (with the support from their families). We’ll start at 3 p.m. Moscow time. The registration is required.

In order to participate in the webinar, please register at: https://forms.gle/BdTavJHRk3SaworG8

The app appeared thanks to a girl Milla, who was born with Down’s syndrome and had difficulties with speech acquisition. Her father noticed that Milla was using symbols to explain what she wanted. He recorded them with his phone and later these systemized symbols were used in the “MillaSays” App.

Children with special needs can communicate with their parents or other family members by using cards in the mobile phone or other gadget.

These and other similar communication systems (cards, pictures) exist in different countries, but few people know how they work and what is needed to disseminate them.

Alexander Helmersberg and Hilde-Sophie Mordt will tell about the app in detail and will answer questions from the audience.

The meeting will be interesting for the parents of children with special needs, employees of non-profit organizations, teachers and specialists working with children with special needs (and other children, too).

In order to participate in the webinar, please register at: https://forms.gle/BdTavJHRk3SaworG8

Please note that the necessary information will be sent to the e-mail address that you specified during registration.

The webinar is arranged within the international LIVE conference “Sustainable development: people, support, cooperation”. The conference is held in September-October 2020 and gives an opportunity to meet remarkable representatives of NGOs from Russia, Finland, Norway and Denmark, to get acquainted with the best practices of NGO social services presented during webinars.

Conference organizers are Arkhangelsk Centre of social technologies “Garant”, “Finland-Russia” Society (Helsinki, Oulu), Charity organization “The Childhood by the Dvina” (Sandnes, Norway), Centre of Sustainable Development of Pskov Region, Women Initiative Centre (Tosno, Leningrad Region).


Contact: (8182)20-65-10, garant@ngo-garant.ru, Arkhangelsk Centre of social technologies “Garant”.

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