Conference 2020

Welcome to the international LIVE conference “Sustainable development: people, support, cooperation”

The conference is aimed at exchange of experience and best practices of NGOs’ delivery of social services to vulnerable groups in Russia, Finland and Norway. The conference will be held during September-October 2020 and give an opportunity to meet with outstanding and successful representatives of NGOs from three countries. In the course of the online sessions, the conference participants will have a chance to discuss different aspects of services’ delivery: assessment of needs, raising funding; social partnership with businesses and local authorities. The conference schedule will include miscellaneous LIVE events: 11 September 2020 the series of the webinars will be launched to present the best practices of social services to vulnerable groups. The webinars will be followed by simultaneous interpretation. 16 September 2020 – Russian interregional round table will be held for Russian NGOs, authorities and other stakeholders to discuss the Russian state policy to provide an access of NGOs to rendering social services. The round table will be also organized online.

Webinar: How mobile apps help children with special needs. The story of “MillaSays” App

How can mobile apps help children with disabilities develop communication skills? Who develops such apps and how? On 4th December, 2020 an online-meeting with Alexander Helmersberg and Hilde-Sophie Mordt was arranged. The specialists from Norway told about “MillaSays” App that had been developed for children with special needs (with the support from their families).

Webinar “Fish or Fishing rod? Support for families in need. Experience of the charity fund “Vzamen” in Arkhangelsk”

On November 25, 2020 the webinar “Fish or Fishing rod? Support for families in need. Experience of the charity fund “Vzamen” in Arkhangelsk” was held. Olga Shevela, the project manager of the fund “Vzamen” (“In return”), told how volunteers could not only help families to cope with a difficult life situation but also to encourage their development.

Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted (KVN) for people with disabilities in Russia as a means of rehabilitation

On October 29, 2020, a webinar with Victoria Borkannikova, the director of NGO “Leningrad Regional Association of Teams of Cheerful and Sharp-witted People with Disabilities “Our League” was held. Victoria shared her experience in organizing KVN games, and told about the positive impact of participation in such games for people with disabilities.

Webinar: Oulu Crisis Centre – first aid in difficult life situations

On October 27, 2020, a webinar with Nina Kontula, the Executive Director of Oulu Crisis Centre that focuses on prevention mental health problems (Finland) was held.

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