Webinar "Creative Community Services: Three unique stories from Norway"

On September 21 there was a new webinar meeting with NGOs of the city of Sandnes (Norway). The participants of the webinar had the opportunity to learn the experience of three organizations: their methods of work, services they provide to clients, and how their activity changed during the coronavirus pandemic.

«Matsentralen» (Rogaland) or Food Bank (Rogaland) is an organization that belongs to a Norwegian network of Food Banks and redistributes surplus food among non-profit organizations that help disadvantaged people. Tor Jan Bredenbekk, the head of organization, told about their work model, and gave examples of cooperation with municipalities and other governmental organizations. Also, he told what impact coronavirus pandemic had had on the work of organization.

The organization’s website: https://www.matsentralen.no/matsentralene/rogaland

"Heart for Sandnes"

The organization  was founded in February 2016 and provides support to disadvantaged groups: former drug addicts, refugees and immigrants from other countries and other cultures. Maria Vestersjø, organization adviser, told how the organization had been founded, how it found those who need help, and how it improved services in accordance with their needs. Maria also showed examples of other cities that were inspired by the idea and started similar organizations..

The organization’s website: http://www.hjerteforsandnes.no/

Volunteer centre in Sandnes
Volunteer Volunteer centre is an intermediary between people from local community: those who need help and those who are willing to help. Bjarte Bjornsen, the head of Volunteer centre in Sandnes, told what services they provided, how the system of receiving the applications from volunteers and those who need help workd. Also, he talked about cooperation with municipalities and other governmental organizations, and about the impact coronavirus pandemic had had on the work of organization..

The organization’s website: https://sandnes.frivilligsentral.no/

The recording of the webinar “Unhackneyed Social Practices: stories of three projects from Norway”, can be found at: https://youtu.be/NS9p4dLSKK4


The webinar was organized within the international LIVE conference “Sustainable development: people, support, cooperation”. The conference was held in September-October 2020 and gave an opportunity to meet remarkable representatives of NGOs from Russia, Finland, Norway and Denmark, to get acquainted with the best practices of NGO social services.

Conference organizers are Arkhangelsk Centre of social technologies “Garant”, “Finland-Russia” Society (Helsinki, Oulu), Charity organization “The Childhood by the Dvina” (Sandnes, Norway), Centre of Sustainable Development of Pskov Region, Women Initiative Centre (Tosno, Leningrad Region).


Contact: (8182)20-65-10, Arkhangelsk Centre of social technologies “Garant”

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