Web meeting "Pskov production and integration workshops for people with mental health problems"

On September 24, the web meeting "Culture of virtues" took place. Vyacheslav Sukmanov, the director of production and integration workshops from Pskov, spoke about how to help people with mental health conditions adapt to everyday life.

"In order to help people with mental health conditions to adapt to regular life, we need to teach them," Vyacheslav Sukmanov says.

No wonder that production and integration workshops have become a place of attraction for teachers all over the country. Here one can see how the pupils take their first steps during special classes and workshops, how they grow up and become full members of society. A special culture of communication creates that special atmosphere, which nurtures like a caring babysitter and puts the pupils on their feet.

The adaptati on includes learning basic household skills (cooking, taking care of clothes, washing and ironing, paying utility bills and managing the budget), communication training, psychological support, sports and handicraft, making and sale of souvenirs.

All these skills seem very simple to us, but some people with mental health conditions cannot even use a microwave. Left to their fate, young people, even having a prescription, do not take the medicine and end up in hospital again. Teaching such people to live is a science of its own that one can learn with the help of caring people.

The recording of the meeting can be found at: https://youtu.be/ixKvuIHPwWE

Pskov web meeting was arranged within the international LIVE conference “Sustainable development: people, support, cooperation”. The conference was held in September-October 2020 and gave an opportunity to meet remarkable representatives of NGOs from Russia, Finland, Norway and Denmark, to get acquainted with the best practices of NGO social services.

The conference organizers are Arkhangelsk Centre of social technologies “Garant”, “Finland-Russia” Society (Helsinki, Oulu), Charity organization “The Childhood by the Dvina” (Sandnes, Norway), Centre of Sustainable Development of Pskov Region, Women Initiative Centre (Tosno, Leningrad Region).

Contact: (8182) 20-65-10, Arkhangelsk Centre of social technologies “Garant”, burieva@ngo-garant.ru (Tatiana Burieva)

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