The Community Foundation Study Visit

The Community Foundation Study Visit is a one-week long, intensive learning program that brings together practitioners and thinkers from community foundations (CF), CF support organization (CFSO)  in several European countries in one country to meet and interact with community foundations of the host country for mutual learning and reflection. 

ECFI is seeking applications from participants that are curious to understand how CFs work in other parts of Europe, interested in learning and personal development, willing to actively share their own experiences and insights and to contribute to knowledge development in the area of CF practice. Good working level knowledge of English and interest in developing relationships with other peers are necessary prerequisites. It is also required that within 6 months of the study visit, participants produce a personal reflection from the study visit in a form of blog, essay, commentary or video blog and share it with the community of learners involved in prior learning events.

Participation in a CF study visit is by invitation based on applications after a study visit has been announced.

Participation in the study visit is determined through an open process: after having expressed the interest, the applications are selected based on their potential to benefit from the Study Visit and contribute to shared knowledge building about the field in Europe. The call for participation is open to a limited number of participants (12) that form a diverse group of learners from existing CFs, emerging CF initiatives, CF support organizations, national CF associations/federations, as well as relevant experts and researchers from Europe.

On the one hand, the visits are designed for practical CF performers (staff, board members, volunteers, donors). On the other hand, we also want to attract participants with theoretical backgrounds. For example, these can be experts or researchers interested in issues such as community cohesion, social capital, foundations and community philanthropy. 

The costs for travelling, meals and accommodation are usually covered by ECFI. However, budgets are limited and co-funding suggestions always welcome.

If you meet at least five of the following criteria, we look forward to your online application!

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