Community-Foundation-to-Community-Foundation (CF2CF) exchanges

Community-Foundation-to-Community-Foundation (CF2CF) exchanges provide the necessary framework and space for a fruitful mixture of communication, learning end experiences. They are, so to speak, a real-life social laboratory, and like all good labs, they are experimental and hope to bring fruitful results. These cannot always be precisely defined and classified, but on the whole they help participants and their organizations to learn, grow and become stronger in their communities and together better address key challenges of our times in Europe, and throughout the world.

CF2CF is open to practitioners from the existing community foundations, promising initiatives and interested groups from countries that do not have this form of community philanthropy but work towards establishing it and also community foundation support organizations. They can be executive directors, staff members, volunteers, founders, or Board members.

The applicant organization must be located within the EU however partner organizations may be from any other European country in a broader sense of Europe as a shared cultural and geographical space. 

The proposed exchange activities should be planned to start approximately 60 days after the deadline for applications and be completed in 6 – 9 months.

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