Funding Opportunities

NGO cooperation in the Nordic – Russian region

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Open Call Programme for Co-operation with Northwest Russia includes funding for cooperation and networking projects between Nordic and Northwest Rus-sian NGOs

The Nordic Council of Ministers New is announcing a new round of grant applications

The Nordic Council of Ministers is opening applications for three Nordic cooperation programmes in the Baltic Sea Region and with North-West Russia. The application period runs from 31 December 2017 to 16 February 2018.

Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020

Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020 is a financing programme for supporting cooperation between the countries in the North Calotte (Finland, Sweden, Norway) and northwest Russia. It is one of several EU programmes supporting cross-border cooperation across the EU external borders. The Programme offers EU funding and National financing to projects that are in line with the Programme’s strategy.

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