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Husavik Academic Center is a center for adult education and lifelong learning in Northeast of Iceland. HAC has as well a researching department working mostly with rural researching, with main focus on the Northeast of Iceland. HAC has participated in several international projects related to education, culture and rural researching.

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BRIDGES project is about building bridges between Nordic and Russian NGO's, which inclues setting up this database The main work has been working with local NGO's, collecting information and presenting the database. The project team is with partners from Denmark, Finland, Russia and Iceland.
CRISTAL - Creative region for innocation, sustainability, technology, acessability and learning
CRISTAL project has partners from Iceland, Sweden and Italy, where HAC is one of three Icelandc partners. The project has its focus training trainers, in this case teachers, to take in technology, sustainability and innovation into teaching with new approches. The focus group is from pre-school up to upper secondary school, and will finish in 2018. There will be a website, with a toolbox for teachers and students to use, with test projects, curriculas and other material that are the outcomes of the project.
Spark project has partners from Iceland, Denmark, Estonia and Finland. It´s focus is on cultureal voulenteers in rural communities where pilot courses has been made, and tested in local communities.

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