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Nyheimar Knowledge Center was established as an umbrella organization for various institutions and agencies working in education, research, innovation and culture. Its central role is to facilitate cooperation between the various sectors within and as a part of the Municipality of Hornafjordur. Another vital objective is to promote closer cooperation of individuals, businesses, organizations and public entities with a special emphasis on the integration of culture, education, innovation and research. Nýheimar Knowledge Center has an experience in organizing educational events of various kinds, both for residents and student groups. There is a particularly great experience in organizing events such as conference meetings, educational lectures and forums. Members of the research center have extensive interdisciplinary knowledge and experience, especially in the field of environment and education.

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Opposing Force: How to combat the on-going drain of young adults from rural areas
The forces drawing young adults away from rural areas include opportunities to access higher education, better employment opportunities, access to the goods that support social and cultural capital, and space to become independent adults within the values associated with larger urban settlements. There can be societal expectations in rural areas that young people will leave, and perhaps should leave, unless they have prospects locally for sustainable employment and for a supportive lifestyle. These expectations influence the attitudes and values of school children who absorb the urban-as-norm values of their older peers and their families. Such worldviews and local realities can impact negatively on rural areas economically, socially and culturally. Consequently, young adults are rarely pro-actively involved in local economic development or in local decision-making, and are rarely actively encouraged to become involved. Nor are there many opportunities to start their own enterprises or to take over existing enterprises. Additionally, young adults in rural regions, experience all the ‘normal’ challenges of gender stereotyping and role expectations, which can influence their decision-making about whether to stay or to leave. The Opposing Force project aimed to explore some of these issues in selected rural locations in three of the partner countries - Sweden, Romania and Iceland. The fourth partner, Ireland, provided expert advice and assistance. The project team, through the development and testing of new tools and techniques, engaged with young adults in training for enterprise development, and for participation in civic society and in local decision-making. The project objective was to develop and implement supportive networks to raise individual and personal competences as young adults to enable them to stay in rural areas.

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