VAMLAS Supporting Foundation for Children and Youth with Disabilities

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We promote diversity and inclusion especially in schools, studies, hobbies and working life. We have been working for equal opportunities since 1889. Our objective is to make sure children and youth with disabilities and their families have equality of opportunities. - Right to accessibility and inclusion - Right to independent life and free choices - Right to paid work Innovating through networking We are experts in the employment, services and education of children and youth with disabilities. Active networking in Finland and abroad is the basis of our work. We influence policy makers and other key players with information gathered through our partners. -We provide training in areas for example the social service system, work requirement assessment and job carving -We implement development projects to create best practices -We provide students with disabilities with genuinely inclusive housing services in a regular student house residence -We award grants to children and youth with disabilities for their studies and hobbies. -We organize seminars and events bringing together actors from a wide variety of fields Vamlas is a non-governmental organization. We work mostly in national networks, but we have worked internationally too. We are currently looking to strengthen our international co-operation.

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Health and Disability School and Education Children and Youth Rehabilitiation, employment opportunities

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Rehabilitation Finland
Rehabilitation Finland., RIFI, is an association of which VAMLAS is an active member. Through RIFI Vamlas has been disseminating good practises and also build a good network of international co-operation.

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