Pand - Performers and Artests for Nuclear Disarment Society

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Pand is first group that started to take art and culture as a part of NGO work in Finland. Pand is a open group for artists to give they way and they support for activism. Mane goal is nothing more then world peace and nuclear disarming just before that. This year our mane works are on solidarity and environmental work. We believe in ground work so people them selves starts to act.

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International Projects

Diana Peace Park
We make one park as a multiart place where artist perform, but also invite citizens to take a part. This is in the end of Aug in Helsinki
Every bodies day
6.12. we make a happening to gather with Helsinki city where we serve art and food for people with low income. All the people are working to gather to make happening to be. So the process become more important then the actual happening.

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