KSL Study Centre

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non-formal adult education institute
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KSL Study Centre is a private, non-formal adult education institute. Our educational services are aimed for associations and NGO's. KSL's educational activities are courses, study circles, vocational further training and qualifications in arts and craft. KSL also provides consultation and coaching services. The study centre is working in the whole country together with civil society organisations. KSL is funded mainly by the Ministry of Education. Being a private adult education institute, KSL is owned by KSL Civic Association for Adult Learning, that has 17 member organisations, among them for instance LGBT rights association, sports- and theatre associations, trade unions and organisations of the Left party (youth, students, children). In addition to the 17 member organisations KSL has ca. 100 cooperation organisations, associations and NGOs.

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International Projects

Alternative Active Citizenship
A Nordplus Horizontal Project in 2017-2019. In the Project we do a needs analysis, a tool box for educators with excersises and educational methods for teaching active citizenship for different kinds of target groups. The Project also includes piloting the tool box. The Project partners come from Lithuania, Norway and Iceland.
European Know-how Supporting Civil Society
An ERASMUS+ KA1 Project in 2017-2019. KSL coordinates the Project, that has two other study centres as partners. 25 pedagogical employees will have further training in European context during this Project. They take part in courses and job shadowing in different European countries and organisations.
Learning Difficulties at Work Place
A Nordplus Adult Project in 2013-2015. The Project was a mapping Project and the aim was to produce data about learning difficulties in work life. The partners of the Project came from Iceland, Sweden and Norway.

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