Center for Women's Initiatives

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The organization creates and implements a variety of social projects to improve the quality and fullness of people's lives, to uncover their creative potential and to engage them in public life for the benefit of society. The mission of the organization is to contribute to the improvement of people's quality of life by involving them in socially useful projects and initiatives. The main slogan is "Education during life. By education is meant a constant increase in the competences of a person, his willingness to learn and to learn new, to be open and ready for change. This organization is responsive to society's need for new competencies and innovative approaches of solving social problems. Through project activities the organization supports the following main areas of work: • Development of charitable activities in the Leningrad region, as well as volunteerism among young people and the elderly; • Support for socially unprotected population and NGOs in the Leningrad Region through the provision of social, educational and counseling services, legal assistance; legal education; • Activation of the voluntary movement among young people and the eldery aimed at collecting, preserving and popularizing information relating to the period 1930-1950.

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Expanding the capacity of elderly people affected by National Socialism in five settlements in Tosnensky district to improve the quality of life.

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adults, people with a low income
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School and education, culture and art, history
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the exchange of technologies for the revival and promotion of handicraft, the demonstration of the old way of life, the introduction of children and young people to the origins of their culture. Training of free demonstration of acquired skills at themati
Preferred Countries
Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway

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