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Multikultura is a union of different institutions dealing with arts and education and ICT technology. Multikultura specializes in exploitation of eLearning, multimedia education technology applying such methods like internet platforms, training films, educational television, and video games. Our programmers and graphic designers produce computer games based on a professional software UNITY. We create three-dimensional and two-dimensional computer games in the interactive contents, such as visualizations and animations. It allows us to create applications for web browsers, personal computers, video game consoles and mobile devices such as phones, tablets. We recommend to see our latest production in the project on the legends in different EU countries: http://fabulaloci.pl/. The documentary films produced have been awarded at different European film festivals and are now used by many schools in Europe as educational tools. MULTIKULTURA promotes equal opportunities of education & employment & combat marginalization of social groups, in accordance with the Erasmus+ the document Opening up Education of 25th September 2013. MULTIKULTURA pays attention to new technologies, able to guarantee equity in education, because open technologies allow All individuals to learn, Anywhere, Anytime, through Any device, with the support of Anyone. For example we produced the video games for children with learning difficulties: http://helpdeskinld.com/game/gameFinal/ AREAS OF SPECIFIC EXPERTISE: Since 1999 MULTIKULTURA is working as educational provider on different projects on Cooperative Learning in classes as well as in the international contexts, where partners explore methods that stimulate the co-operation through open, challenging and complex tasks, mainly exploring the method derived from cooperative learning developed by Elizabeth Cohen (Stanford University) and Dalton Plan. QUALITY SYSTEM USED: Annual evaluation, internal and external of projects as well as testing of functionality of produced e-Learning tools and educational networks in real environment. STAFF: Multikultura employs 25 staff members. The union consists of different institutions dealing with arts and education and ICT technology. Some of the staff members of MULTIKULTURA are also a teachers, such as Krystyna Chołoniewska (Creative writing at the Jagiellonian University), Krzysztof Ridan (Teacher of ICT technology – Film director), Wioletta Sośniak (Teacher of ICT technology), Marek Chołoniewski (Music professor at the Jagiellonian University), Michał Zabłocki (President of the Union of Polish Writers - Poet) - therefore the cooperation of Multikultura with adults group in art training activities is possible and easy to arrange. MULTIKULTURA is also in constant cooperation with always growing number of European cities, actively participating in the Euro network of CITIES IN INTERNET http://www.mwi.pl/. QUALITY SYSTEM USED: internal and external annual evaluation of projects as well as testing of functionality of produced e-Learning tools and educational networks in real environment. We disseminate our projects and methodologies through proactive engagement with the User Groups and stakeholders. Among its regular didactic activities, MULTIKULTURA delivers weekly on-line classes for collective poetry writing and translating: http://www.emultipoetry.eu/pl/main/ COURSES ORGANIZED TO DATE: Collective poetry writing, translating, language learning, intercultural education. MULTIKULTURA provides for the EU projects the network of local schools and in particular classes and teachers for exploration of project methodology over the project period.

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Multikulrura organized poetry festivals in Kraków, Granada, Paris, Athens and Rimini. The www.eMultipoetry.eu project is still functioning and moreover the collective poetry writing is still growing internationally. The project is now also under the UNESCO patronage. The number of participating countries and individual poets from all over the Word is growing on daily bases. You are welcome to participate in the collective poetry writing on the chat we have on this website. This activity is continue in the recent project http://www.epublisher-platform.eu/poems that allow young poets for innovative publication of their first poems projected on the city walls. In the last ten years MULTIKULTURA has been delivering weekly on-line classes for collective poetry writing and translating (www.eMultipoetry.eu). In the framework of this activity we produced the internet portal www.eMultipoetry.eu that is designed to offer opportunity to explore art of collective poetry writing simultaneously on the internet. In each of the above mentioned projects an e-learning methodology has been developed and printed, and audiovisual materials have been published for Europe-wide dissemination among educational institutions. In order to respond to the educational challenge of aging population in Europe MULTIKULTURA with other Polish NGOs set up the initiative of building a community of digital education leaders – that is the volunteers who help to provide senior citizens with pathways for improving their knowledge and competences. http://mwi.pl/aktualnosci/206-memorial-polski-internet-rownych-szans.html . Such volunteers are called the

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Multikultura propose the following contribution to the project: Cooperation in the designing and implementation of the online platform with facilities for music sharing and collective composition; Organization of music performances in public places; Org
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