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Baltic Sea NGO Network, Denmark (formerly DANFØ) is a national network of Danish NGOs and institutions with the common goal to promote and improve conditions for developing civil society in the Baltic Sea Region. Baltic Sea NGO Network, Denmark is the national focal point in the regional network, Baltic Sea NGO Network. The regional network is governed by the Coordinating Committee (CC), and Baltic Sea NGO Network, Denmark, is a member of the committee. The regional network is planning implementation of an annual NGO Forum, which historically is linked to the establishment of Council of Baltic Sea States, CBSS. Baltic Sea NGO Forum is recognized by CBSS as a strategic partner, and the final document of the Forum is considered as civil society's contribution to the CBSS summits. Baltic Sea NGO Network, Denmark was established in 2001 under the name DANFØ following an international NGO conference in Copenhagen, the Copenhagen Initiative. The final document, The Copenhagen Declaration of the Copenhagen NGO initiative, is incorporated in the network's statutes. Since the EU enlargement, the network has focused its efforts on development of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, EUSBSR, where it has tried to ensure NGOs in the region the best possible framework conditions for sustainable development of the civil society in the whole Baltic Sea Region.

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Host for the Baltic Sea NGO Forum in 2009 and 2019
In 2001 the Danish- Russian Association took the initiative in starting cooperation between NGOs from the Baltic Sea Region and a conference in Copenhagen was arranged. Germany was inspired by the initiative and later that year arranged an NGO conference in Lübeck. The Baltic Sea NGO Forum was born. Since then an NGO Conference for the Baltic Sea region has been arranged virtually every year in the chair country of the Council of the Baltic Sea States. The Danish Baltic Sea NGO Forum was host for the yearly conference in 2009, where 128 participants from 16 countries meet to a 3-day event in Elsinore. Representatives of the Danish Government, the Council of Baltic Sea States, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the European Commission, and the Baltic Sea Development Forum were also present. The Danish Baltic Sea NGO Forum will be host again for the yearly conference in 2019, and the planning of the event has already started.

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