The national council of voluntary cultural asssociations

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DFKS - The national council of voluntary cultural asssociations was founded in May 2015 and includes the following nine national arts and culture associations: - Denmark 's Theatre Association - see - Danish Children and Youth Film Clubs - see - Danish Local History Association - see - The Cultural Councils in Denmark - see - The national society of Danish cultural centres - see - The Association of Danish Film Clubs - see - The Association of Danish Art Societies - see - The Danish Federation of Friends of Museums - see - The National Council of literary societies in Denmark - see DFKS wishes to strengthen the visibility of the area, initiate development work, offer courses and further education, and provide documentation and statistics in the field. The local members of the national associations are associations where volunteers convey, organize, arrange, create frames, etc. for activities within the arts, culture and cultural heritage. The local members represents a myriad of arts and culture associations, where volunteers convey, arrange and create frames for activities within arts, culture and heritage; and at the same time, the actors in these activities are always professional and they consist of touring theatres, visual artists and musicians as well as culture researchers, historians, etc.

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International Projects

Many international projects
The umbrella DFKS has as a new organisation not been involved in international projects, but most of the member associations has been involved in European and Nordic cooperation and development work.

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Adult, seniors and young people
Field of work
Arts, culture and heritage
Role of Partner
To be a partner or a coordinator
Preferred Countries
Partners from all the Nordic and Baltic countries, the Northwest Russia, Belarus and Poland.

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