Lithuanian Fund for Nature

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The Lithuanian Fund for Nature (LFN) is one of the first nature conservation NGO's established in Lithuania, therefore, it has considerable experience in implementing various nature conservation projects. The LFN’s activities include preservation of rare and disappearing species and their habitats (e.g. old-growth forests, raised bogs); preservation of water bodies (e.g. Baltic sea), and environmental education about various topics, as microplastics, climate change, vulnerable species. These activities are implemented in cooperation with national and international municipal, scientific, non-governmental, and private institutions.

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Ecological network for Osmoderma eremita and other species dependent on veteran trees
The main goal of the project is to create a functional ecological network for hermit beetle (Osmoderma eremita) and other species dependent on deciduous veteran trees. Project activities include habitat management in core habitats for the species, development of stepping stone elements within the network area and re-establishing hermit beetle populations in restored historical habitats of the species. For more information visit the website:

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