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Centre for Visual and Performing Arts “ART Corporation” is a unique organization which is devoted to the realization of the major cinematographic, theatrical, exhibition and educational projects. We cooperate with cultural organizations all around the world. This cooperation makes it possible not only to show innovative performances and films in Minsk but also hold Q&A sessions with their creators and organize master classes of the best filmmakers and theatre professionals. The main objectives of the Institution: development and strengthening international relations and linkages in the fields of culture and arts; initiation and coordination of international and local programs, projects and activities in the fields of culture and arts; organization and creation international theatrical and cinema festivals by forming high cultural status of theatre and cinematography in Belarus and involving young talents into the industry.

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International Projects

The International Theatre Forum “TEART”
A unique platform in Belarus for creating independent cultural projects and their presentation to the general public; for strengthening international contacts in the theatrical world, developing cultural ties and improving the skills of Belarusian specialists. The key feature of the Forum is its structure: the International program introduces the audience to the advanced foreign performances, and the Belarus Open program is a platform that brings together Belarusian theatrical figures and gives them the opportunity to establish professional contacts with foreign theatrical figures.
Theatrical production
A special feature of the Forum TEART 2019/2020 is the theatrical production based on a work by Svetlana Alexievich

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Adults, Children and Youth, Eco-friendly energy source aware citizens
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Culture, Environment
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Co-productions, Support and Capacity building, Social help and Philanthrophy, Legal support, Anti-discrimination, Human rights
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Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Denmark

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