Estonian Wildlife Center

Legal Type
Year of registration
Estonian Wildlife Center was founded 5.08.2017 Estonian Wildlife Center operates as an umbrella organization for the network of people helping wild animals, organizes information exchange, represents a common interest, concludes contracts and coordinates cooperation with other organizations and authorities. It is the largest and best known wildlife assistance organization in Estonia. Thousands of people in need come to us every year and we have a nationwide network of shelter homes. Our mission is to help wild animals that are disturbed by human activity in the urban environment or in the wild (rescuing, curing, rehabilitating, etc.) and releasing them the natural environment. We rely on scientific knowledge, veterinarians and experts to assist wild animals in need or injured. We organize trainings and seminars, hold lectures and trainings for children and educational institutions. We initiate / commission studies and analyzes. We collect data on the location of wild animals, causes of injuries, diseases, treatments, etc., and participate in relevant research programs. We work with other associations with similar goals, both at home and abroad. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of cooperation ideas, projects etc. We follow the ethics code of NGOs. We collect resources for helping animals and use them for specific purposes. More specifically, you can keep an eye on our activities on Facebook: @EestiMetsloomayhing in estonian, @EstWildCenter in english and @EestiMetsloomayhingPoRusski in russian.

Field of Work

Environment and Nature Social help and Philanthrophy Wildlife rescue, communication, courses, new knowledge, presentations in kindergartens and schools

Target Group

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Project Ideas

Target group
Wildlife. People who care about the environment
Field of work
Taking care of the wildlife, rescue consultations, exchange of knowledge, seminars/conference, visits to the partners, innovative solutions for information exchange, citizen science.
Role of Partner
Partner in the network
Preferred Countries
Any country of the Baltic Sea Region

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Field of work
Target Group
Type of Activities
Consultations Rehabilitation Seminars, trainings, conferences Development work / pilot work Surveys / mapping Wildlife injuries prevention communication, collection of donations

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