Initiative for the Disabled Welfare Association

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This is to introduce to you the Initiative for the Disabled Welfare Association (IDWA) which is a membership society registered under CAP 108 of the Laws of Kenya,mandated to address the issues of the disabled and their families with the aim of improving their livelihoods. This is a non profit, non political and non religious non profit making organisation supporting the disabled poor. Disabled people comprise of over 3 million population in Kenya with over 20 million dependents which requires concerted efforts from the government, stakeholders, multilateral agencies and the community as a whole to improve their welfare sustainably. As a society, we are engaged in offering direct and indirect interventions in an effort to support them. These people need social and economic other than technical support to gain skills which can enable them to initiate income generating projects.We need support at the secretariat located in Nairobi-Kenya and resources to strengthen our branch networks to enable us reach the vulnerable poor living with disability in our communities. The society do categorize our needs and offer resourceful support be it in education, technical training, agriculture and general home support in form of equipment and other essential needs. Society is run by the National Governing Council (NGC) which is the apex body in decision making, the Board of Governors (BOG) that implements the projects/programmes with the technical and administrative departments of the society. Currently, we need to establish a programme for post COVID 19 project for the disabled. We shall provide all other information you may require from the society and your support will be highly appreciated. Thanks Geoffrey Orucho Chairman IDWA

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International Projects

Relief Support
We offer support to the disabled to access basic necessities for livelijhoods
-Vocational skills
Training programmes to acquire skills for income generating projects
Sponsorship for education for the disabled and their families
Environmental protection
Provision of sanitary systems and water for the disabled
Micro Enterprise development
Small businesses and support to small scale horticultural farming.

Project Ideas

Target group
Disabled and their families
Field of work
Assisting the disabled in development
Role of Partner
Assisting in building capacities and Direct interventions
Preferred Countries
All Nordic Countries

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