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The mission of Karelian Education Development Fund is to promote new and efficient approaches to education of children and youth in the Republic of Karelia, to improve the efficiency of educational programs within fields of education and culture via cooperation with educational institutions, as well as administrative bodies. The Fund implements socially-oriented projects, renders administrative and expert support to education stakeholders, manages fundraising and charity activities. The Fund was founded in 2000 and since then has implemented over 35 projects in the field of education in partnership with national and international organizations, recieving funding from national and international funding instruments. KEDF has implemented several large-scaled international projects and is well-familiar with the requirements and procedures of Karelia CBC Programme. It has enough resources to ensure timely and proper inplementation of the project as Lead Partner in administrative, financial and organizational respects. The Fund has a wide cooperation network to ensure dissemination of project results throughout educational and cultural institutions of the Republic of Karelia, as well as ensuring participation of stakeholders in project activities. The staff is qualified and capable of planning and implementing the project, organizing communication and visibility of project results, and reporting.

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International Projects

Green school (KA5030) (2018-2021)
The project is implemented within Karelia CBC Programme. The project is creating a Green school model as a school addressing global environmental problems in the local community by education and practical youth-led action. The schools will get a model of practical involvement of youth in environmental action. The Green school model, formulated as a result of summarizing and developing experiences of the best Karelian educators, will be tested in 6 pilot schools (3 in Finland and 3 in Karelia Republic) and disseminated inside and outside the region. The school itself becomes a model of environmentally-friendly organization: thanks to education, improvement of facilities and student-led actions the school will reduce the generated ecological harm, apply modern policies of energy and water saving, recycling. Each pilot school will reach measurable economy of natural resources used, and it means the finance economy as well.
SpeakBusiness: Strategic planning and project management for cross-border area (KA4049) (2018-2021)
The project is implemented within Karelia CBC Programme. SPEAK BUSINESS is aimed at teaching young professionals how to speak the same language - professional business language of management projects in the field of social entrepreneurship and international business, and English/Finnish/Russian languages for communication. SPEAK BUSINESS will contribute to the development of economic cross-border cooperation between Russia and Finland by capacity building of young professionals in the field of economics and international business, and social entrepreneurship. It is planned to improve educational programs of higher and extended education, through capacity building of their teachers, and development of their international networking opportunities (face-to-face activities, international internships).
Joining the efforts to support children (2020-2021)
The project is implemented within Federal Programme - Grants of the President of the Russian Federation The implementation of the project will allow by means of joining the efforts of NGOs and schools to develop and introduce new services and techniques including those in online format, which will create a favorable environment for ensuring a normal educational process in schools of the Republic of Karelia during the crisis period, will reduce the level of anxiety and maladaptive reactions of children, parents and teachers, in the context of the formation of a new model of the educational process in schools in Karelia in the situation of the spread of COVID-19. The developers of the new products will be project experts and psychologists with extensive experience in providing emergency and crisis assistance and in the situation of the epidemic of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19, experienced in the development of various kinds of software and information products in the field of information and psychological well-being, digital hygiene. Activities under the project are carried out in three main directions: - correction of maladaptive forms of behavior, emotional states of children and teachers of schools and secondary schools, parents of children; - prevention of maladaptive forms of behavior and emotional states, negative consequences of acute stressful conditions; - providing support to agents of influence - school psychologists and psychologists of NGOs through the development of professional self-regulation skills.

Project Ideas

Target group
Children and youth, ombudsmen
Field of work
Practical involvement of youth in environmental protection, to create an international and interregional network of Ombudsmen and partner NGOs of the Northern Countries and Arctic region of the Russian Federation with the aim to coordinate and implement j
Role of Partner
experience exchange, developing schools-to-schools / youth-to-youth international contacts, joint planning of the exchange visits
Preferred Countries
Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland

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