All-Russia Society of the Deaf

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The organization: - helps strengthen the organizations that are its members; - is a negotiation platform for public organizations of disabled people in interaction with the authorities; - influences the formation of social policy at the regional and municipal levels.

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International Projects

Support and strengthening of inclusive initiatives in favor of disabled people (in particular, with hearing impairment) in the Arkhangelsk region (north of Russia)
- Internships at the Schleswig-Kiel Cochlear Implant Center - the practice of Russian teachers and doctors in the Center for Cochlear Implantation in Schleswig-Holstein - a comparison of the methods of teaching sign language in Russia and Germany - sign language courses for people with hearing impairment, family members and others - Round Table: Russian Sign Language in Modern Society - Internships in the Vocational Education Organization for People with Disabilities and People with Hearing Impairment in Husum - lectures of German specialists in the universities of Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk - lectures of Russian specialists at the University of Hamburg - participation in the program of the voluntary social year of girls from Russia in the Hearing Support Center - an international symposium on

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Disabled citizens
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Health and Disability
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Transfer of experience and technologies
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Finland, Sweden

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