List of NGOs

Arkhangelsk, Russia

Arkhangelsk Society for Disease Prevention

We are engaged in prevention programs that are oriented towards a healthy lifestyle. One of the priorities of our work now are projects aimed at providing the necessary assistance to the elderly, protecting health and encouraging them to take an active part in these programs.
Arkhangelsk, Russia

Arkhangelsk regional organization of the All-Russian Society of Disabled People

Creating an accessible environment. Protection of the rights of disabled people. Organization of sports competitions. Conducting seminars and conferences on accessibility of facilities and services for people with disabilities.
Arkhangelsk, Russia

Arkhangelsk All-Russian Voluntary Fire Society

Organization and holding of fire prevention propaganda and training for everyone, children's creative competitions and festivals on fire-prevention subjects, assistance in development of children's and youth fire-rescue sport, assistance in the development of voluntary fire protection, rendering of paid services in the field of fire safety
Arkhangelsk, Russia

Happy Childhood

Pre-school education, social and psychological consulting, socio-educational correction, rehabilitation of preschool children with diagnosis: children's autism, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Down's syndrome etc.
Arkhangelsk, Russia

Arkhangelsk city headquarters of schoolchildren named after A.Gaidar

Conduction of trainings and study for the school activist, publication of the directory "Entrant" for school-leavers, organization of summer camps on the Solovetsky Island.

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