About the Project

In April 2017 a new collaborative project was launched by the partnership of NGOs from Russia, Finland, Iceland and Denmark. The project “Russian and Nordic NGOs building bridges” is aimed at restart and development NGOs’ cooperation, engagement of NGOs into networking and launching joint projects. The project will provide an exchange of expertise and best practices of Nordic and Russian NGOs and to involve other stakeholders into NGOs activities.


During the last 3 years the collaboration between NGOs in the north-west of Russia and Nordic countries has been gradually decreasing because of the changes in the political situation and decrease of funding. Currently there is a huge lack of collaboration between Nordic and Russian NGOs, and an urgent need of promoting the cross-border cooperation and preparing joint projects between NGOs and their local partners.

The partnership circle of the project “Russian and Nordic NGOs building bridges” consists of three Nordic NGOs (Danish Institute for Civil Society “Interfolk”; Finland-Russia Society; Husavik Academic Centre from Iceland and two Russian NGOs (Arkhangelsk Centre of social technologies “Garant” and Pskov Centre for Sustainable Development, that have shared the intention of promoting renewed networks and collaboration between NGOs in Northwest Russia and the Nordic countries.

The project main activities include:

  • making a database of Nordic and Russian NGOs, containing ideas for joint projects and best practices;
  • workshops and a conference to support exchange of expertise and experience and development of joint projects of Nordic-Russian NGOs;
  • launching the project website for dissemination of information about the project activities and NGOs’ database.
  • support to development of NGOs partnerships and projects.


When joining the project network, a NGO will have the following opportunities:

  • take part in workshops and learn about experience of NGOs from other countries;
  • get experts’ consulting and support when developing joint projects;
  • become an organizer or participant of a joint project;
  • exchange of expertise and knowledge.


The project duration is 18 months. However, the project partners intend to make it a long-term activity contributing to NGOs’ networking and implementation of joint projects


NGOs from Russia and Nordic countries are welcome to join the network and be part of NGOs collaboration.


Contact information:


Interfolk, Institute for Civil Society

Hans Jørgen Vodsgaard - Head of Institute

(+45) 51 300 320  hjv@interfolk.dk



Husavik Academic Centre (HAK)

Óli Halldórsson, director

(+35) 44 64 5102   hac@hac.is



Society "Finland–Russia"

Contact: Ms. Päivi Kärnä, director

358 50 3530268 paivi.karna@venajaseura.com



Arkhangelsk Centre of social technologies “Garant”

Contact: Marina Mikhaylova, director

+7 (8182) 20 43 76  garant@ngo-garant.ru


Pskov Regional Public Organization «Centre for Sustainable Development of Pskov Region»

Contact: Semyon Nikonov, Director

7(8112) 291095, CSDPR@csdpr.ru


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