Project "Nordic and Russian NGOs rendering high-quality social services»

December 1, 2019 — October 31, 2020

(Strengthening civil society organizations in the Russian northwest and Nordic countries for rendering high-quality services to socially vulnerable groups).

The project period: December 2019 - October 2020

Since the Soviet period in Russia most social services to population have been rendered by state institutions. However, since 2013 the Russian government has tended to transfer delivery of services from state organizations to NGOs and increased funding for such NGOs. At the same time, Nordic NGOs have a long history of rendering social services to population, supported by the state funding and developing innovative practices of work with socially vulnerable groups.

Russian NGOs have also a lot of innovative practices and apply for grants to support socially vulnerable groups. However, they don’t have experience of system-based services’ delivery (including calculation of expenses, quality assessment and etc.).  It is important to improve competence of Russian NGOs in the field of service delivery and enhance their collaboration with local stakeholders.

The project goal - to enhance inclusiveness and empowerment of the Civil society in Russia and Nordic countries through exchange of experience of support to socially vulnerable groups and protecting their rights.

The project target group will be NGOs supporting children, youth and adults with disabilities.

The project will include activities aimed at NGOs’ exchange of innovative practices of services to socially vulnerable groups: international seminars and local trainings/workshops/round tables for NGOs, development and testing of new services by NGOs; dissemination of experience at events with local authorities and other stakeholders.

The project activities will involve NGOs from the Russian North-west and Norway, Finland and Denmark.

The project activities:

1) The project partners will collect and analyze local experience of rendering services to socially vulnerable groups to identify the most successful ones which can be disseminated to other countries and make a brief description of them.

2) The kick-off and study visit to Oulu will gather the project partners and NGOs from Finland, Russia and Norway to discuss experience of NGOs rendering social services in 3 countries. The seminar will be followed by visits to 4 NGOs to look at the system of services’ delivery. 

3) The Oulu seminar will be followed by local activities (round table discussions, workshops) organized by the project partners in their regions to present best practices discussed during the seminar in Oulu and possibilities to adapt them.

4) The project partners (5 NGOs: 3 from Russia, one from Finland and one from Norway) will provide necessary consultations (skype, telephone, in-person) for NGOs adapting experience of other countries and launching new services for their target groups.  Meetings and consultations will be held with local authorities on discussion of improvements to the system of support to NGOs rendering social services to population.

5) The Russian team will prepare recommendations for NGOs on development of new social services for disadvantaged children, youth and adults and how to get the state funding.

6) In Pskov, Tosno and Arkhangelsk seminars will be conducted for NGOs to present recommendations on launching social services and get state funding.

7) The international seminar in Arkhangelsk will be attended by NGOs from the North-west of Russia, also Finland and Norway to present the project experience and expertise.  

8) The website will used as a platform for presentation of the project events and successes. The new section will be developed for the project.



Finland-Russia Society (Oulu), Marja Malmi


The Childhood by the Dvina” (Sandnes), Alisa Smerdova,


Arkhangelsk Centre of social technologies “Garant”, Tatiana Burieva,

Centre of sustainable development of Pskov region” (Pskov), Semyon Nikonov,

Centre of women’s initiatives, (Tosno, Leningradskaya oblast), Irina Knyazheva,


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